The 2 Minute Generation

“Mummy, I am hungry”
Just two minutes”.

This inculpable advertisement with a dainty mom and son could be held responsible for the distortions that have been brought into the concept of time in all 21st-century homes. Two minutes for any other person on the planet would mean precisely two minutes or 120 seconds. In the present context with a child in the scene, however, two minutes can range from anything less than two minutes to even a day of twenty-four hours.

The concept of time was pellucid in all minds until a century ago. Right from arousing to peregrinating to school or work, doing homework and hitting the bed at the right time was biologically veridical. Somewhere in the present century, there seems to be a gene mutated so much so that one minute and two minutes doesn’t seem to have any clear sense at all.

As a working mother, my most precious moments in time are in the morning where every minute is worth it. I can pack a lunch box or plait my hair all in one minute. However, this efficient mind of mine on many days is at crossroads when I have to do a very simple chore of arousing my child. The only reply I get when I do that is the innocent face with one eye open saying “Mummy Two minutes”. The in culpability is not disoriented on me while I go and do my other errands, I endeavor to wake her up precisely after two minutes and this time with two ocular perceivers open in a glance saying “Two minutes mummy”. This Peek -a -boo goes on for around two to three repetitions when my voice decibels are auricularly discerned by everyone in the house and there is a scurry of footsteps with everybody waking up and rushing into washrooms. Two minutes and all are ready. This ritual of time being massacred is a prevalent feature in virtually all present households with children and parents in the game.

The two-minute syndrome doesn’t seem to stop here. As a teacher of a school, I have encountered this many times when I have to take the answer paper at the count of time and one or two children would look at me and say” Mam two minutes” knowing that two minutes can be a 5 minute or even more schedule in time.

The most exasperated moment was once traveling by train when an elderly gentleman boarded a train just as it was leaving the station. His entire family was left stranded on the platform. Without any thought, he pulled the chain bringing the massive caterpillar to a cessation. All the passengers in the metro rushing to their offices looked at him menacingly while he gave his nonchalant answer “Two minutes”.

The encounters with these distortions are many. From a grocery vendor to a ticket collector all make utilization of this distortion to their advantage. A medical conference on this deliberate distortion should be conducted to understand the internal wiring of the encephalon and the concept of time. Has the generation forgotten the concept of time or do they deliberately endeavor to misunderstand it? A diagnosis is sure to give fascinating results. If this is not done, we might encounter distortions not only in the concept of minutes but also days and hours. Just imagine the world where a minute doesn’t mean a minute, an hour does not mean an hour and a day doesn’t mean a day too. How do we balance this?

Yes, two minutes to a member of the present generation has completely lost its meaning. It’s just a euphemism to wait a little longer and also with no offense taken as it is just a small period. In case you would like to argue then you are a serious offender as two minutes is just two minutes.

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