Making various changes to education from centuries has been a part of growing for humankind. Education definitely is the noblest achievement of human beings. It has been a continuous process that cultures the well-being of a person and has made us more peaceful by bringing a halt to wars. There is always scope for certain issues to be reworked to make it more feasible.

But, what is alarming is we tend to consider education as a goal of getting mere academic qualification. Education is just treated as a milestone in securing a profession and increase of status. It is this aspect of education that definitely needs restructuring. We definitely need to contemplate whether we are giving importance only to the peripheral aspect of education, neglecting the core. It is vital for us to spare a thought that mere academic progress does not build human masterpieces.

Education should be therefore pursued in a broader vista. Optimism, charity and selflessness have to be adequately nourished and children should be taught to enjoy life’s simple joys rather than get into tangles of competition. Let the aim of education be lofty and noble. According to Swami Vivekananda “Education is the manifestation of the best.” If an individual is cultured, the society will definitely reap benefits. Let us take a step towards making content children, content society.

By Sudha