Academic Director

Academic Director of DPS Nadergul

“Keep your mind open to change all the time. Welcome it. Court it, it is only by examining and re-examining your opinions and ideas that you can progress” Dale Carnegie’s words influenced me and thus the message that follows reflects the transmutations that took place in DPS over a decennium and adaption to incipient challenges that transformed the institution to this status.

As the year 2016 approached, the school has undergone enormous change, a process of great upheaval and great possibility. In just a few short years we have been witnessing the dawn of information age, the rush to computerization, the birth of new administrative block at Nacharam, advent of a new branch at Nadergul, and not just the least of these changes but of all, the human relations revolution.

No longer school teaching-learning got limited to classrooms but got extended even after the school to the cloud-based support system. Exordium of a constant obsession for quality amendment of teaching faculty, management discovered several means to verify accreditations with international benchmarks. Engendering an intersection between cognizance, adeptness and optate had been the perpetual effort of the Management. Cognizance refers to “What to do and Why to do”, adeptness as “How to do” and also optate refers “Want to do” were induced as habits for making an efficacious teacher. Digital curriculum, digital lesson plans have become an integral part of a systematic approach to teaching-learning. Exchange Programmes with Cluster schools, DPS Society, analysis of performance after every term and periodical internal and external audits of classroom learning, periodical training of faculty is enhancing the transactions in the classroom to a large extent.

Persistent counseling sessions, challenging intellectual, physical and social strengths of students has become an endeavor to reduce unnecessary and unhealthy diversions. Instruments of measurement to realize the infinite potential within each child and help lead a happy, conscious, purposeful, righteous and successful life has been another effort. Ingenuity has scandalously untapped which is the intention of the management of keeping pace with this ideology, nurtured and given opportunities galore to attest. The uniqueness of a child and building self- esteem is the focus. Selective Academies and Conventional Sports working in the school, annual health audits are preparing robust citizens for future Olympics.

Aristotle says, “We are what we perpetually do excellence then is not an act, but a habit”. As being Academic director, the part of a family of DPS, we always endeavor to achieve excellence and become spark plugs to the ingeniousness of students. We give thought-eliciting prompts to trigger critical thinking and hone inditing skills and lead each individual to compete for own self to achieve their desire. Students of DPS Nadergul have endeavored to venture into the realm of expressing ingeniously simply and imaginatively. “Savour” the magazine as a precious stimulation of your wards’ incipient perspective to life. Don’t go by its volume and keep it aside, but enjoy each child who gathered their wits to think big, think fast, think ahead as creativity is no one’s monopoly.


Academic Director
Nadergul | Nacharam | Mahendra Hills (Feeder School of DPS Nacharam)