He came to our lives on 25th December, 2015. It was my uncle who brought him home; he was 3–4 months old then. It didn’t take my brother and me much time to come up with the name. With his narrow nose, sharp ears which stood up straight, and white fur, he oddly resembled a lot like the dog from the Disney movie ‘Bolt’. Thus, Bolt became the name of our new pet dog.

My dreams of having a cute pet dog as a companion came tumbling down the moment we laid eyes on each other. On our very first interaction, he bit and tore the shorts I was wearing; he had aimed for my legs! While others were invited by him with a happy bark, I was threatened with a growl. We passionately disliked and ignored each other. There were numerous accounts where he either ignored my calls or growled and chased me for no apparent reason. I knew the chances of me getting attacked by my own dog was far greater than a stranger’s attack. Boy, Was I wrong!

One evening while I was watering my plants alone, a man approached me. He said that he was from the municipal office. I saw right through that lie as he didn’t look anything like a government employee. He was getting dangerously close to me. Before I could process it, I saw Bolt flying past me, going for his legs with the same vigour he once did to me. Unlike the near miss in my case, this time he had a firm grip on the man’s leg with his teeth piercing his skin. I was shell shocked! Mostly because I couldn’t believe the fact that he had protected me.

Over the years we have reached a truce. Though he doesn’t chase me anymore, he still doesn’t respond to my calls but I don’t hold it against him especially after the incident.

Perhaps in a way this too can be called a friendship because as the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed, right?

Nikita Mariam Varghese