Community Service

Mahindra Hills Campus
Our motto is ‘Service before self’ and all our endeavors are towards staying true to our motto. ‘Joy of giving’ week has the whole school collecting raw food items, clothes or stationery and taking it across to the less fortunate. The students intermingle with the inmates which helps them get an insight to their lives sensitizing them to the underprivileged. To inculcate the importance of clean environment, the whole school participates in “Swatch DPS” where all students and staff help clean their classrooms. The DPS Chargers help in spreading the message of saving water and electricity. The Green Crusaders help promote the recycling of paper. The ‘Care and Share’ week helps in building comradeship by not only helping friends but also doing good deeds for relatives or strangers and coming and sharing with all during school assembly.

Nacharam Campus Grades 1, 2


This activity was conceptualized to help students realize the ever growing loss of green cover, and in helping re-establish the lost green glory. A list of popular messages to conserve trees/plants were written on a paper and pasted on a huge tree trunk to highlight the importance of conservation. A skit was also performed on the same theme to drive home the message effectively. Saplings are planted by children on their birthdays on a regular basis. At present we have taken up a massive tree plantation project called Greenathalon.

All sections of class II visited an orphanage on the last Friday of every month and distributed old toys, books and eatables.

This activity forms the basis of the value system of a child; the child needs to be taught to ‘reach out’ to other individuals. In this regard, special assemblies were conducted during December, where in the focus was to show the importance of ‘caring’ and ‘sharing’.

Nacharam Campus Grades 3,4,5
Awareness and sensitization programmes have been thoughtfully planned and executed to develop the feelings of empathy towards people.
Students of Primary School and the members of DPS Chargers- The Social Club have taken up multifarious activities to drive home a valuable point that ‘a small help’ goes a long way in spreading joy and happiness. Donate a toy, donate a book, donate clothes, stationery are all part of ‘Joy of Giving’.

To spread the secular message as well as service to mankind is services to God Philosophy-students have adopted a heritage Dargah at Moula Ali and visit it to clean its surroundings. All this helps to mould a ‘sensitized’ global citizen of the future.

Nacharam Campus Grades 6,7,8
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others- so goes a saying. The motto of the school ‘Service before Self’ is amply seen in the school and its commitment to society.

The middle school segment has always been a part of the WOW project and the Akshayapatra project in donating basic necessities to the needy .This year, the school plans to start the Outreach Club, which will continue to work on providing help to the needy.