English Speaking Skills

A lot of emphasis is given on the development of LSR skills in Pre Primary and Primary level which helps in enhancing effective communication. A variety of activities are integrated in the curriculum across the year to augment these. Right from Story Telling, Imagery drawing, phonemes, reading & recitation to elocutions, debates, theater, Street plays, Interviews and many more. We believe in “Catching them young” and thus provide a platform to display their talents through Olympiad external exams, Inter School Competitions, Spell Bee Competitions, School Magazine, Dramatics club, Young Writers club and Book Lovers Club. An enriched Library having a wide genre of books, reading cards, sight words and word for the day help inculcate a love for the language
Communication Skills are not inborn they are to be developed and we at DPS provide innumerable opportunities for young minds to hone their skills. Various activities and competitions are planned to improve their communications skills.

Show and tell/Object talk – In this activity the children are asked to speak a few sentences about the objects they see around them.


Just A Minute (JAM) – The topic is given to them on the spot without any prior intimation and children are encouraged to come up with their views.
Skit-during special assemblies are performed which enhance their communication and performing skills.
Story telling – In this activity the children weave a story of their own/from other sources and narrate it in their own words.

English language Skills enhancement has been the topmost priority at the primary level through a structured language development curriculum. Every week two periods are allotted for communication skills in the Primary level. The four key areas of LSRW are intrinsically woven into the scholastic and co-scholastic curricula. Student Led Conference, Editorial Board members, Spell Bee, News Reading Competition, Elocution, Extempore, Creative Writing, Phonetic drilling in Wordsworth English Language Lab are a few processes through which English language skills are honed at the primary school.

The school gives prime importance to LSRW (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) through the ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills) which is conducted as part of the FA in the English classes. CCE activities like panel discussions, group discussions, debate, elocution, declamation, role play and dramatization form part of the regular curriculum.
The school believes in the training and preparation of the student to face the board classes from class IX upwards.