How Dance Benefits a Child

How Dance Benefits a Child

Since the time, I was a Child, the graceful dance movements on the television made me fall in love with Dance. This made me imitate great dancers, whose performances I watched very often. Once I started my journey, there was no looking back. I benefit a lot, due to my passion for Kuchipudi. Kuchipudi is one of the major Indian classical dances, derived its name from village Kuchelapuram, Andhra Pradesh. Also, it represents the beauty and power of culture, prayer, and meditation. Classical Dance is not only a combination of body and hand movements, but it also helps to identify the inner strength and passion. It is something that we could talk about and feel forever. We use gestures to communicate feelings. So, for a human being to control his/her emotions, one of the aspects is Art. Besides, Classical dance is the highest form of art.

There may be question How Dance Benefits a Child?. Dancing benefits, a child to a large extent. It plays a key role in soothing and relaxing the minds of stressed children and at the same time stimulate their concentration. Children gain physical fitness, self-belief, self-confidence, and control over the body. A child, while learning calculates and plans his/her thinking to perform the next dance step, which improves the concentration levels. The most important factors in a child’s life are discipline and patience which can be acquired by learning Dance.

To conclude, Indian classical dance is based on Mythology, it teaches children the value of the cultural heritage of India. The tradition says dance is originated from Gods and made by people. If we analyze, both the traditions scientifically, we can trace the origin of dance.