Leadership Skills

Nadergul Campus 6,7,8
The strength of our school lies in empowering our students and preparing them by investing leadership responsibilities from a very young age. Student leaders are at different levels with specific responsibilities as early as 5 years of age. Each class has a Class Monitor, a Green Crusader and a DPS Charger. There is a Prefect Council which is elected through a democratic process of free and fair elections by voting through ballot box. Senior most class in the school takes over the running of the school (teaching and Admin) on Teachers Day. During school events like annual/Sports day, Annual Play, to name a few, students are involved in all stages of preparation (planning to organizing and conducting).

Student Council – Being a member of the Student Council helps to develop the leadership qualities from an early age. Responsibilities to check the discipline during the assemblies and dispersal are given to the students.
Class Monitors – To inspire the children to become effective leaders, class monitors are selected to monitor the overall discipline of the class (uniform, nails checking,etc..).
In-Charge of a group – To develop team spirit many activities are conducted in the class in a group and a group leader is appointed to check the smooth flow of the activity in a disciplined manner.


As they say, leaders are not born, they have to be cultivated.
This is reality at DPS-Primary School wherein leadership acumen is spotted and tapped by their mentors and are given opportunities to hone their leadership traits. The ever vibrant and effective Junior Student Council-an elected body plays a crucial part in manning the discipline of students during the break times and dispersal.
Cubs and Bulbuls-the Junior Wing of Bharat Scouts and Guides is another venture through which leadership is nurtured and nourished at Primary School. Plethora of opportunities for decision-making, critical thinking is provided through events and assemblies.

DPS follows the thought’ Leaders are made and not born’ .We believe in reversing the thoughts set in by others.
Ours is the only school which believes in instilling true qualities of leadership. In every section, around 16 leaders are appointed and specific roles given to enhance leadership qualities.
The Student Council and the student prefects are chosen from every level, from the Pre Primary to Class XII students.
It is truly remarkable that nearly a quarter of every section and hundreds of students are chosen in one capacity or the other as leaders and play a great in this amazing Democracy at DPS.
Students are trained at every level to monitor students discipline at assemblies, corridor movement and in conducting of all major programmes at school.