Jyothi Nadergul

“Child must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

The true essence of a school lies in the happy faces of children who come running into its portals every morning. These shining faces reflect the positive environment that DPS provides. To many of my kids Sunday is not welcomed as the opportunity to go to school is curtailed. As these students jive to the jingles in the morning or spend their time in the science labs peering through the microscopes for worlds unknown, knowledge seeking itself becomes an exciting task. The quiz corners in school and the ‘learning corridors’ are some more vistas which open students to more learning. “I am not a teacher but an awakener’ says Robert Frost and so say my teachers. Our common endeavour is to make learning more exciting, more fun and more self- driven  and in the process make it more enjoyable for my ‘ little wonders’.

Jyothi Turaga
MA ( English)
M.Sc ( Psychology)
MA ( Russian )
MPhil( part 1)
PhD ( pursuing OU)


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