Soft Skills

Nadergul Campus Grades 6,7,8
For students to be successful in school and beyond, importance is given to the holistic development of the child. Apart from academics, the children are taught interpersonal skills, social etiquettes, communication, personal habits and leadership skills which will help them in becoming successful citizens of the world. Importance is given to values like honesty, respect and caring which the students learn through different activities and programs like “Share and Care” week, team work during projects, inter house and interschool competitions. Different opportunities are given to the students through assemblies, helping in organizing events, participating in Annual Days, Graduation Days, exhibitions and other programs. In addition students are guided to overcome their shortfalls through positive critiquing

Assembly proceedings – Every child gets an opportunity to participate in the assembly proceedings. Also, during special assemblies they are trained in group and individual activities which enhance their inter personal and intra personal skills.

Collaborative Learning – The children are encouraged to work in collaboration with each other in group activities which help them to develop their soft skills.
Table manners-The children are taught the basic etiquettes and table manners.

Mime – This also helps them to improve upon their emotive skills.

Soft skill development is a must in today’s competitive world to leave an indeligble mark on people and to the world at large. Training in this ‘Core Skill’ starts young in a small way in the form of hands-on table manners, and personal etiquettes training in the real milieu, personality grooming and interpersonal skills development classes embedded in the time table. Social graces, habit formation are inculcated through special assemblies, videos and guest lectures.

A day long apprenticeship cum experiential programme to destinations as per their hobby clubs was a unique experience in the primary level.

At DPS, we believe the importance of “EQ” (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) of a student. The school works strongly at the student acquiring a cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, interpersonal skills, managing people, leadership, etc. that characterize relationships with others.
The Middle school being the most formative years, the school hones the student with the requisite soft skills which are required to face the competitive world.
Values are inculcated through special assemblies and through Life Skills classes once a week .During regular assemblies, special focus is laid on the recitation of Sanskrit slokas which have no religious connotation but help the student in improving his diction, pronunciation and value system.
Social functions, special assemblies, events and celebrations, public speaking, tree plantation, ethics and values, Cleanliness Week celebrations, Safety Week celebrations and various other programmes are conducted throughout the year to enhance soft skills in the student.