Swapna- a proud parent of DPS Nadergul

My name is Swapna and we are looking to register my older son Nimai in DPS Nadergul branch.

I heard so much about DPS Nadergul branch both from word of mouth and my sister’s daughter, Anvitha Gangula who recently joined your school – she is in 4th grade B section. Every time I talk to her, she says such wonderful things about the activities she is enjoying and the things she is learning. My sister is amazed too, about the vast variety of activities and the practical knowledge that you offer kids.

Kudos to your entire team!

Parents about Annual Day Celebrations 2018-19

The Concept and Theme Of this annual day was Superb mam!! Hats off to the idea and hard work of everyone.

Congratulations to you and Each One of DPS Nadergul Team for dedicated efforts to make today’s event great Success. We enjoyed Every Moment of Today’s Evening a lot. Please Convey My Wishes to All the teachers, Principal & Management, Cultural Team and Many more Who are part of this directly & indirectly

Really Very Appreciative Coordination among all ur Staff, lovable Performance from every kid loved the Occasion from Bottom of the Heart Thank You For your Everything mam.

It Was really too good, Whomever I Shared this event, everyone praised the coordination among the staff. Not an inch of Disturbance we have seen Any-where

That Grand Finale Was a Perfect Conclusion for the day.

Gajula - a proud parent of DPS Nadergul

I’m deeply touched and inspired at a superlative degree with the Japanese Education system for sustaining such manners, routines, and gestures.

I’m certain our DPS would be the first school to create a novel history if such practices are implemented in our school.

So earnestly requesting you to take this initiative as I firmly believe you’re the right and the only principal who encourage in such practices. And as a parent, I will take the initiative in encouraging this initiative from the rest of the parents of DPS for their support.

A proud parent of DPS Nadergul

A proud parent of DPS Nadergul

Swapna - a proud parent of DPS Nadergul

Poojitha - a proud parent of DPS Nadergul

A proud parent of DPS Nadergul