The black horse

True black beauty, my big black horse, Runs, not trotts and a real fine breed. Five thousand’s a deal, though too low, I’ll stick around for your generous deed. Here am I, in my dark brown stable, Feed the black one with what I get.
The only horse that I ever had, But am giving it and I’ll ne’er forget, The rides we had, the races we won, Memories woven into my mind’s wool, And a huge comfy hug at end of the day, Cleared all our worries and made us cool. This big black one’s leaving me now, Had caught some fever, one month back, The doc said he had two months more, And then he would be packed in a sack. I don’t wish payment, cash or kind, Just take my black one and feed him a pie. As I love this poor guy lots and lots, And I just can’t see my black one die.