Delhi Public School – Nadergul, the Top International Schools in Hyderabad, has been the alchemist in shaping the holistic curriculum for students. A holistic view of edification and schooling i.e., Guiding students to acquire virtues, develop capacities, and provide service. Holistic inculcation aims to evoke from the students an intrinsic reverence for life and zealousness for learning. Holistic inculcation distinguishes from other forms of edification is experiential learning, goals, and the consequentiality that it places on relationships and primary human values.

Delhi Public School – Nadergul also transcends the potential of the students, it’s a life-changing opportunity to individuals and communities through education and leadership programs – helping shape the youth into leaders of tomorrow. DPS is steering the potential of the pupil by apperceiving and accepting individual differences in facility and aptitude and to hold every child in esteem in his/her own right. To endeavor to identify and, as far as possible, meet the special desiderata of each child in the school.


Conclusively, DPS, the Top International Schools in Hyderabad, withal inculcates the habit of nurturing the blooming birds, which encapsulates the following:

  • Creativity leads to thinking,
  • Thinking leads to learning,
  • Learning curves into knowledge,
  • Knowledge develops “SKILL”.

Delhi Public School – Nadergul realizes that humanity stands today at the foremost of the large synthesis of knowledge. The inculcation system in the school will respond to the transmuting scenario and ecumenical perspective.

  • Moral Virtue
  • Achieving Spirit

The philosophy is to provide a congenial atmosphere for students to bring out a positive transformation in the individual by utilizing the opportunities available in a knowledgeable society with curious minds and creative skills. It is derived not from one philosopher but in unison of positive thoughts, that every individual is capable of what in a learning environment. It is the convivial obligation of the institution to provide the cognition environment for a responsive convivial being of tomorrow.