Nadergul Campus
Value education is not only part of the curriculum but is an integral part of the school. Right from class Pre Nursery onwards, the values of honesty, respect, caring and cleanliness are instilled in the students. Towards this, Class II performed a Street play on Animal and Zoo ethics in front of the general public at the Zoo in all three languages (i.e. English, Telugu and Hindi). The Zoo curator was very impressed and has asked the school to keep sending the students to convey such public messages. During birthdays children are encouraged to donate saplings to the school instead of bringing chocolates. The Teachers and Children have taken a pledge that each one will plant a tree and take care of it.

Saucha and Indriya nigraha – Cleanliness in action, word, and thought.Children are taught to keep themselves, their rooms, their classrooms, their books and everything about them clean; done also as a part of the project of Swachch Bharath .
Punctuality and Discipline – The importance of being on time to school, completion of assignments and being regular to school are inculcated in the students.
Golden Words- Students are continuously taught the importance of being kind and polite and speaking to their elders with respect and using the 5 golden words (Sorry, Please, Thank you, May I, Excuse me) while speaking.

Values are like the roots in a person’s life defining his/her character and personality. Education without values is no education at all.
Value based curriculum customized to the primary level is one of our greatest strengths. Values are percolated to all levels through each and every intervention, be it learning the shlokas inculcating personality grooming and cleanliness of mind body and soul in a child, value education classes, assemblies, value tree in the classroom to exposure to the less fortunate like visits to orphanages and old age homes has always been our endeavour.
Care and Share week, Joy of Giving Week have also played a major role in inculcating these ethics in our students. Not to forget the value based extension to the questions that feature in the assessment sheets which help in extracting the value edge from education.

The school ensures an environment that gives adolescents opportunities to learn and interact in a humane, respectful and psychologically safe learning environment — one that emphasizes cooperation and peaceful existence. It demonstrates a sense of collaboration among students and educators, promotes harmony and interpersonal relations among students, and reflects positive communication. Teachers and students listen with empathy and support others in a positive manner. In essence, it promotes a nurturing school environment where all are valued, and where people feel respected and nurtured, with everyone accepting responsibility for student success.
Life Skills classes are conducted once a week and through Value Education textbooks to instil values in students. The motto of the middle school is discipline in word, thought and action.