Our Vision is to impart world-class education that shall foster academic excellence along with physical fitness. To inculcate in each DPS Student Psychological and spiritual health, social consciousness, self-discipline, and concern for the environment through our systems and practices.

Facilitate and catalyze true learning for developing an equipoise individual with civic sense and social responsibility. We empower young minds with the discovery and realization of their dreams and goals. Design the course to think positively, act reflect and adapt responsibility.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to make our educational establishment an innovative center of learning where teachers collaborate with students in developing pedagogical applications. To adopt a holistic approach to the growth and development of the students learning and lay the foundation for the continual pursuit of knowledge and skills, respect for learning and a desire to be a lifelong learner.


  • To provide a cognition environment and challenging contingencies to discover and explore.
  • To provide students the opportunity to use current educational technology to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills across the curriculum.
  • To foster creativity, encourage higher-order thinking, and motivate students to learn by advocating and providing for appropriate use of educational technology.
  • To inspire every student to reach the potential level of achievement in a school where voluntary self-discipline and self-reverence are guidelines for behaviors.
  • To improve the confidence and self-esteem of the students.
  • To build-up skills for cooperation, and nature teamwork.
  • To adapt to changes and learn to overcome challenges with a positive attitude.
  • To enhance effective communication.
  • To develop student assessment and Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation in every quarter.
  • To stimulate the interests of the students by illustrating material to be covered in subsequent years and to bring all the students to a similar level of knowledge independently.